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Welcome to season one of the Online Business Case Study

Presented by Jake Lang and The Entrepreneur Ride Along, the Online Business Case Study is a multi-part case study of a real online business. This case study goes behind the scenes showing all of the good, the bad, the process, and the real-time strategies in starting and scaling this business (including revenue, traffic, email marketing, challenges, etc...).

In season one of the Online Business Case Study, Jake will be documenting his progress with the business AssociatePI, a business Jake started in 2015 selling study material in the insurance industry. 

Today, this business generates up to $10,000+ per month in revenue. It is completely passive income (only spending ~3 hours per week answering emails), selling online courses through SEO traffic and email marketing. 

In this case study, Jake will walk through the process step-by-step so you can copy this business model while learning from his successes and mistakes.

This will be an ongoing case study, constantly updated following Jake's progress with this business.

Copy This Business

Go to to access the mini-course for step-by-step instructions to replicate this business.


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I will show you how. In this free mini-course. This how you build a business in the "exam prep niche" just like I did.

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