034 – $6,000 in Four Days: The Inside Scoop on my Black Friday Promotion 

 December 10, 2021

By  Jake Lang

For the first time EVER, I ran a Black Friday promotion on my insurance education business.

From Friday through Monday, just four days, I sold over 25 online courses and generated OVER $6,000 in revenue. 

The promotion took me less than one hour to put together. Which means I made $6,000 in revenue from one hour of work.

It was an eye opening experience for me. Now, I will be taking advantage of Black Friday every year going forward!

In today's episode, I'm going to breakdown exactly what I did to run a successful Black Friday promotion. I will take you behind the scenes to talk through my thought process, and breakdown the strategies I used to utilize email marketing to drive $6,000 in revenue in four days.

For reference, this is my sales page for my business AssociatePI where I ran this 40% off Black Friday Promotion.

This is the cadence of emails I sent for my Black Friday Promotion:

  • Email #1: Thursday at 2 pm - Early sneak peek of my deal sent to the email list.
  • Email #2: Friday at 12:15 am - Introduction to the Black Friday deal with a link to the sales page.
  • Email #3: Friday at 7 pm - Reminder email. Reminding my subscribers to take advantage of the Black Friday deal.
  • Email #4: Saturday at 7 pm - Informative email with testimonials from students that have had success with my courses.
  • Email #5: Sunday at 2 pm - Informative email touching on the value proposition of my courses (pass your exams in less time with less studying).
  • Email #6: Monday at 10 am - Talking savings. Letting them know they can save $170 per course, up to $1,360 if they buy all courses. And, for the fist time, mentioning that the deal is 40% off so they can buy my course for just $255 (the course is normally $425).
  • Email #7: Monday at 5 pm - Reminder that the deal ends at midnight. I also send more testimonials showing the success that people have in passing their exams with my course.
  • Email #8: Monday at 11 pm - Final Reminder. Deal ends in one hour. Give them a final chance to buy now and save 40%.

And that's it!

Just eight emails, that took me no longer than one hour to schedule in ConvertKit, sold 25+ courses and generated over $6,000 in revenue. 

Black Friday Promotion - API

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Jake Lang

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