Long Tail Pro Discount – 30% Discount Off Long Tail Pro (and free trial) 

 November 12, 2019

By  Jake Lang

Long Tail Pro Discount – 30% Off

Long Tail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool. It makes SEO and keyword research as easy as possible.

As an affiliate, the company allows me to offer my subscribers a Long Tail Pro Discount. With my affiliate link, this discount for Long Tail Pro is 30% off. Click here to purchase Long Tail Pro with the 30% discount.

I highly recommend the Annual Starter Plan. With this 30% discount, the tool is $207 for the year. The starter plan is all you need at first, this gives you up to 800 keyword searches per 24 hours. That should be plenty to get you started. Typically, I do around 100 to 400 keyword searches when I am writing a new blog. You can always upgrade to the Pro plan later. I upgraded, and I now use the Pro plan. But I began my keyword research with the “Starter” plan and it was plenty for me to do niche site research and keyword research.


Long Tail Pro Discount

Why Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a simple web app used to conduct keyword research. This tool makes it easy to find keywords and opportunities to rank on Google, helping you drive organic search traffic to your website.

With Long Tail Pro you can research keywords to analyze search volume and competitiveness. This allows you to quickly see what people are searching, and how easily it would be to write a blog and begin ranking for the keyword on the first page of Google.

I use Long Tail Pro every single day. Every day that I write a new blog, record a new video, or record a new podcast I use Long Tail Pro to choose my target keyword. Every time I post something on my website, it starts with Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro makes it easy to rank and begin driving organic search traffic to your website. I’m ranking on the first page of Google for various keywords simply because I found the keyword in Long Tail Pro, I added my on-page SEO such as the blog title and metadata, and I added a few internal backlinks. It’s that easy. It is super easy to rank on Google and drive organic search volume when you are using Long Tail Pro.

For a full overview of Long Tail Pro and how I use Long Tail Pro to rank on the first page of Google checkout my Long Tail Pro Review blog. In this blog, I give you a real example of a keyword you can rank for that I discovered using Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Discount (and free trial)

If you are not ready to purchase Long Tail Pro yet, I recommend you try the Long Tail Pro free trial.

As an affiliate, I have access to the Long Tail Pro free trial. It’s a free seven days to use the tool. I highly recommend checking it out, you can do all your keyword research in seven days and export it to excel. Then decide if you want to keep the tool or not. It’s free! Why not do the research and save it for later. You can check out the Long Tail Pro free trial here.

PLUS, with this free trial, you still get the Long Tail Pro Discount of 30%. If you use my affiliate link, you can use Long Tail Pro free for seven days. After your seven-day free trial, you can purchase Long Tail Pro with the 30% off discount.

See the photo below. Here you can see where you signup for the free trial with the 30% discount.

Long Tail Pro Free Trial and Discount




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