The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast

The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast – 002 – $5k Monthly Passive Income Selling Online Courses (my niche site)

Welcome to The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast with Jake Lang.

In this episode, I breakdown exactly how I’m generating $5,000+ per month in passive income by selling online courses in the insurance industry. This is an introduction to my niche site, AssociatePI.

I’ll breakdown what I’m doing, my struggles getting to this point, my sales process, expenses, and plan for the future. I’ll tell you exactly how you can begin generating passive income selling online courses in your niche.

Below is a snapshot of earnings from AssociatePI during Quarter 1 of 2020. See current progress and income from AssociatePI here on my blog income reports.

Blog Income - API - 2020 Q1