Build a Business - Online Course

Week 3 – Downloads and Resources



Here are a few of my affiliate links that I mentioned/recommended on the call:


Here is the PowerPoint Slides from last night's meeting

Website Setup

Here is a folder of videos that I referenced on last nights call. This is as Google drive with 15+ instructional videos to help you with this weeks work.

Please do not watch every video if you do not have to. Choose the videos, based on the table of contents below, that you need help with. If you are new to WordPress and setting up a website, then it is worthwhile to checkout all videos.

Table of Contents

Here are the videos included, and what each video covers:

  • 1 - WordPress Settings: how to setup WordPress (settings)
  • 2 - How to upload thrive theme plugins (word document)
  • 3 - Install Thrive Theme: instructions on how install the theme
  • 4 - Setup Theme: How I setup the theme using Thrive Themes (settings)
  • 5 - Setup Home Page: How I create my home page (how I use Thrive Architecht)
  • 6 - Website Menus: How to change the menus on your website
  • 7 - Install Thrive Features: Which Thrive Plugins to use
  • 8 - Footer Setup: How to edit your footer
  • 9 - Sidebar setup: How to change the sidebar on your blogs
  • 10 - Popup: How to add a popup to your website (and how to design the popup)
  • 11 - Plugins to use: my list of plugins that you should have with WordPress
  • 12 - WooCommerce Setup: How to setup WooCommerce and a product (how to make money from your website)
  • Add Google Analytics code: How to setup Google Analytics tracking
  • Add Google Search Console: How to setup Google Search Console
  • Convertkit Setup: How to setup ConvertKit forms, email sequences, and settings
  • Google Analytics - how to use: My tips on what to look for in Google Analytics
  • SiteGround Email: How to setup your free SiteGround hosted email
  • SiteGround HTTPS: How to setup free HTTPS with SIteGround (you must have the HTTPS)
  • SiteGround Setup: How to setup hosting with SiteGround


Here are a few recommendations to create a quick and inexpensive logo:

Word of advice, if you have an idea for your logo be VERY specific on what you want your logo to look like. Give examples logos and colors. If you don't know what you want, let them design something for you and use your two free revisions to tweak the logo. Don't spend too much time on this!


Two books I mentioned on the call:

  • Building a storybrand by Donald Miller
  • Writing Copy That Sells by by Ray Edwards