Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is my favorite online business tool. This is my favorite niche and keyword research tool. It is extremely powerful in gauging a niche, reviewing competition, and seeing how you can drive traffic to your niche website.

I am an affiliate of long tail pro, as an affiliate I'm allowed to offer a free trial to new members. I highly recommend you check out this 7-day free trial to conduct your niche research and keyword research. 

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ConvertKit Logo


ConvertKit is the only email marketing software that I recommend. I've used three other email management programs before switching to ConvertKit. Now that I'm using ConvertKit, I am never going back. This tool makes it so easy to tag prospective leads, set up automated email campaigns, and send out broadcast sales emails.

I am an affiliate of ConvertKit, as an affiliate I'm allowed to offer a free trial to new members. I highly recommend you check out this free trial for ConvertKit for your email campaigns and marketing. 

Building A Storybrand Book - By Donald Miller

Building a StoryBrand

I highly recommend Donald Miller’s book Building a Storybrand. I can credit a large increase in monthly sales to this book. By implementing the Storybrand process into my niche websites I increased my email subscribers, reduced bounce rate, and increased my monthly recurring revenue. You can see in the graph below how my revenue jumped after implementing Storybrand.a

In a super quick one-sentence Building a Storybrand summary, this book will teach a step by step guide to clarify the message of your business and marketing by positioning the customer as the hero, so that you can guide them through the challenges they face to solve their problems with your products and services.

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