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Below, on this page, I am giving you my five niche site ideas and an overview of what to expect over the next few days.


Welcome to the online business niche site video series!  These are my five niche site ideas, the ones I would start if I had more time. Throughout this  video series, I want you to consider taking each niche idea and creating your own online business. Additionally, I want you to keep your mind open. Let this spark ideas for you, for niche site ideas relevant to your own day to day life.

Below I will provide a brief introduction into each niche and why I love the niche site idea. My five niche site ideas that we will cover over the next five days are:

  • Day #1: Exam Prep Niche (the CAPM certification)
  • Day #2: Pet Niche (Hedgehog niche site)
  • Day #3: Diet Niche (Keto or Vegetarian niche)
  • Day #4: Day Job Niche (Insurance agent training)
  • Day #5: Game Niche (D&D dice niche)

Exam Prep Niche (the CAPM certification)

This is my favorite niche site idea. I used this idea to create a small, but incredibly profitable business. I call it the “exam prep niche”. In the exam prep niche, we are creating a business by providing study material, guidance, and advice to those pursuing a particular set of exams, designation, certification, or licensing. If you’ve been following along with the niche site ideas case study, then you already know all about the exam prep niche, my website AssociaePI, and how I’ve generated over $160,000 in passive income in the past three years with this one simple niche site idea.

There are THOUSANDS of niche exams, designations, certifications, and licenses with hundreds of thousands of people taking the exams each month. Off of the top of my head, I think of the CPA, CFA, CNA, Real estate license, underwriter licensing, Fundamentals of Engineering (FE), and CLU. And those are just the big-name designations and licensing that I could think of without doing any research!

Use your day job, use your college exams, use the designations you earned five years ago, use any exam you have taken to create exam prep materials that you can sell online. It’s such a simple, small, profitable business idea that not enough people take advantage of. It is the perfect opportunity to leverage the niche nature of these designations to create your niche business that generates tens of thousands of dollars in passive income per month. It’s possible. I’m doing it now.

Pet Niche (Hedgehog niche site)

If you own a pet, you have a niche. The trick here is to pick a specific type of pet, but make it niche. Don’t create a niche blog about dogs in general, or cats in general. Make it about rat terrier dogs. Make it about sphynx cats. Make it about hedgehogs, iguana’s, or clownfish. Pick something really niche and focus on that. Become the expert on that breed or type of pet, bet the go-to resource for everything about that pet. If you own a pet, what type of pet is it? If it’s a snapping turtle. Great. That is your starting point. A niche blog about pet snapping turtles.

Diet Niche (Keto or Vegetarian niche)

Dieting and dietary restrictions are a very prominent niche. If you are currently on a diet or have certain dietary restrictions that you follow, you can make that your niche. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a few niche ideas for dieting:

  • Keto
  • Weight Watchers
  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Pescatarian
  • Lactose intolerant
  • Peanut allergy

These are just a few diets. There are so many variations of different diets, programs, and dietary restrictions. If you are following one, or face any restrictions in your diet, this can be a niche. You could sell a cookbook for vegetarians, you could teach people to cook for their lactose-intolerant children, you could be a keto coach, or you can start an affiliate site recommending the best Weight Watchers food. There are so many niche options related to dieting.

Day Job Niche (Insurance agent training)

Your day job can be your first niche business.

Is there something you do during the day that you could turn into a business? Are you a mechanic, marketing analyst, or CPA? All of those can be turned into an online business.

You can turn your day job into a coaching practice, you can teach people one-on-one or in a mastermind setting how to become a mechanic. You can write a book about how to climb the corporate ladder as a CPA. You could start a blog about the best law firms to work at for new lawyers. You can coach people one on one about how to improve their job performance and how to advance their careers. You could create a group program and sell your coaching B2B where you host training classes at the employer’s office to coach employees.

There are a lot of options here. You are likely an expert at something in your day job. Turn that into your first niche business.

Game Niche (D&D dice niche)

The board game niche is a huge market. Some of my friends spend hundreds on new games when they attend the Pax East showcase. There is a lot of opportunities here. You can provide instructional videos on how to play a certain game, you can teach people the best strategies to win a board game, you can create products to use in the game like DnD dice as I talk about in the niche site ideas blog, and if you are really creative you can create your own board game.

The videogame niche is similar to the boardgame niche. It’s a huge market, but there is a ton of opportunity to carve out your own niche in this space because there are so many different games and systems. It niches itself for you. You can provide instructional videos on how to play a certain game, you can teach people the best strategies to beat a game, you can focus on a specific type of game like first-person shooters and earn affiliate commission recommending the best shooter games, or you can review games and give honest feedback about the game. There are lots of opportunities. There are so many different video games and video game systems. I still play Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. You can start a community for people that play the Nintendo 64 and earn affiliate commission by recommending the best-used games online.


Check your email! Video #1, my first niche site idea, should be in your inbox within the next hour.


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