Your day job can be your first niche business.

Is there something you do during the day that you could turn into a business? Are you a mechanic, marketing analyst, or CPA? All of those can be turned into an online business.

You can turn your day job into a coaching practice, you can teach people one-on-one or in a mastermind setting how to become a mechanic. You can write a book about how to climb the corporate ladder as a CPA. You could start a blog about the best law firms to work at for new lawyers. You can coach people one on one about how to improve their job performance and how to advance their careers. You could create a group program and sell your coaching B2B where you host training classes at the employer’s office to coach employees.

There are a lot of options here. You are likely an expert at something in your day job. Turn that into your first niche business.


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