3 Profitable Golf Business Ideas | Golf Small Business Ideas 

 May 10, 2022

By  Jake Lang

Profitable Golf Business Ideas

In this blog, I will give you three profitable golf business ideas. These are viable online business opportunities that I have researched and validated. Take one of these golf small business ideas to start your online business today.

Golf Niche

There are so many niche business opportunities within sports, even fantasy sports can be turned into a niche business. Golf is one of the many sports topics that you could turn into a niche business.

Golf is broad. You don’t want to start an online business about “golf” generally, there is too much competition. You need to find a niche within golf. A niche within a niche. That is what I will show you in this blog, three niche opportunities within golf.

#1. Golf Carts

This is a niche golf small business idea I stumbled across with my friend Steven Foust. He simply said “I like to golf” so we looked into the Golf niche. Steven is now killing it in the day job niche with his business helping people get promoted in the Army (something he is an expert at), but at the time we dove deep into the golf niche and surprisingly found that there is a massive opportunity in the golf cart and golf cart accessories niche.

That is NOT what we expected. We figured we would find something related to golf training, how to putt, or how to hit a straight shot with a driver. We also expected it to be very competitive. We did not expect to see much because golf has been around for so long. There must be ten thousand websites out there covering everything there is to know about golf.

Surprisingly, we stumbled across an incredibly viable niche opportunity. A website about golf carts. Now that is a niche business opportunity.

Why is this a viable online business idea?

We searched hundreds of golf-related terms, and golf carts just kept popping up. 110,000 people per month are searching for “golf carts for sale” and another 27,100 per month are searching for “used golf carts for sale”. 22,000 people per month searching for “golf cart accessories”. Not to mention thousands more searching for the following terms:

  • Best golf carts to buy
  • Golf cart seats
  • Golf cart bags
  • Electric golf carts
  • Lifted golf carts for sale
  • Affordable golf carts
  • Luxury golf carts
  • Cheap golf carts for sale under $500
  • Cheap golf carts for sale under $1,000

I was SHOCKED to see how many people were out there looking to buy golf carts and golf cart accessories and I could not find one authoritative website out there dedicated to golf carts.

Someone needs to go out and become the golf cart expert. Someone needs to go out and create a website about golf carts. Go out and create content relating to golf carts and all that someone needs to know when they are buying a golf cart. You will make a killing. This is a profitable golf business idea.

More about this in the blog six online business idea for beginners.

How will I make money?

There are so many ways to make money with this business idea:

  • Affiliate – the easiest way to make money is to create an affiliate site. People are selling golf carts on eBay. If you earn a 5% commission on a $2,000 golf cart sale you are making $100 per sale. That’s not bad! With 100,000+ people per month searching to buy used golf carts you can easily make over $10,000 in income by referring people to eBay to buy a golf cart. I would start this website as an affiliate. Once a week, I would go in and update my website (and send an email out to my subscribers) with the best golf cart deals on eBay. I would take a cut every time someone purchases a golf cart through my website. The same thing with golf cart accessories, I would recommend the best accessories to buy on Amazon for your golf cart.
  • Amazon FBA – this is the perfect opportunity for an Amazon FBA business. Figure out what golf cart accessories people want to buy (22,000 people per month are searching for this) and sell it through Amazon’s FBA program. Simply manufacture the product through a manufacturer from Alibaba, and sell it on Amazon and your website. There might even be an opportunity in the print-on-demand niche (which is easier than Amazon).
  • Digital products – thinking outside the box, you can sell a digital product. Maybe an eBook about how to fix a golf cart, a book on how to find the best deals, or maybe an online course teaching people to buy, fix, and re-sell golf carts. This depends on what your customers want. You will need to go out and talk to the people that are searching for used golf carts and golf cart accessories, figure out what type of digital product they want, and create it!

#2. Golf Swing

In chapter five of Step One, I give a full breakdown of the golf niche. I found opportunities within the niche of golf swings. I see this as a viable golf small business idea.

In this case, my “root” niche is golf swing, which has a search volume of 22,000.

I see plenty of subtopics in the golf swing niche over 500 searches per month. These are topics that could turn into cornerstone topics for your business. In this case, I see plenty of examples: golf swing trainer, golf swing basics, golf swing plane, best golf swing tips, and best golf swing app. Those are five strong, clearly defined subtopics that I can build into a business about the perfect golf swing, and each could later turn into a product or service that I sell on my website. As an example, this is exactly what Joe Lanza is doing with his website Teeupforfun.com and his golf lesson reviews.

A search volume of 500 per month may not seem like a lot, but it is a good starting point. Five hundred searches, for five different topics, is an attainable market of 2,500 searches per month. If you can create content for these five topics and draw even half that search volume to your website, you have 1,250 people per month visiting your business. That is a good starting point and more than enough volume to turn a profit. If you convert just one percent of that traffic into sales of your $500 course, your business will be generating $6,000 per month in revenue; the average for eCommerce conversion is 2% to 5%. If you can sell a $20 membership to 1% of that traffic per month, you have a membership platform making $3,000 per month after just one year.

You will get more traffic to your website. This can be the start of your niche blog. You will expand upon these subtopics, and create more content that brings you even more traffic; this is just a starting point. That is why this is a profitable golf business idea.


Profitable Golf Business Ideas - Long Tail Pro

#3. Golf Balls

When I look for a niche within the golf niche, golf balls are a prevalent opportunity.  I see that there are 110,000 people per month searching for golf balls. There’s room to go deeper with 27,000 searching titlist golf balls, 22,000 searching golf ball retrievers, 18,000 searching for best golf balls, and 14,800 searching Srixon golf balls.

You could start an entire business about golf balls. Reviewing the best golf balls, and providing detailed tutorials on each golf ball brand. This is an excellent opportunity for an affiliate revenue stream. This is absolutely a profitable golf business idea.

Golf Business Ideas - Long Tail Pro

Conclusion: Profitable Golf Business Ideas

There is plenty of opportunities to build out your niche within golf. The trick is to find a niche within golf. Don’t start a business about golf. Start a business about golf cards, golf swings, or golf balls. Choose a niche topic within golf, and become the expert on that topic. That is how you build out your business with these profitable golf business ideas.

For more ideas, download my five validated niche business ideas where I teach this process of finding and validating ideas.

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Jake Lang

Jake Lang is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of over seven online businesses. Jake now helps new entrepreneurs start and scale their first online business at TheEntrepreneurRideAlong.com where he shares his experiences along the entrepreneurial journey starting and growing new businesses.

It’s Jake’s mission to start a new online business every year and share everything behind the scenes on The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast and The Entrepreneur Ride Along Blog so that new entrepreneurs can learn from Jake’s mistakes, understand the struggles of starting a new business, and find the path to entrepreneurial success.

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