Coaching Niche | Types of Life Coaching Niches 

 May 10, 2022

By  Jake Lang

The Coaching Niche

In this blog, I’m breaking down the coaching niche. Giving you five types of life coaching niches that you could pursue.

For the purposes of this blog, I’m combining the coaching and mastermind niche because they are so similar. Remember, coaching is the process of helping someone one-on-one whereas the mastermind revenue stream is a form of group coaching with a group of like-minded individuals working together.

For me help coaching, check out our blogs on how to book your first coaching client and how to make money coaching.

5 Types of Life Coaching Niches

This is a different niche process than I have discussed in my other niche business ideas blog. Coaching is broader, you can be a coach for anything. In fact, coaching doesn’t necessarily need to be niched (as discussed below). But, if you are looking for a coaching niche, below I am giving you five types of life coaching niches that you can pursue.

Corporate Training

This is one of my all-time favorite types of life coaching niches. It’s your day job. That’s right, your day job can be your first niche business.

Think, is there something you do during the day that you could turn into a coaching practice? Are you a mechanic, marketing analyst, or CPA? All of those can be turned into coaching programs. You can coach people one on one about how to improve their job performance and how to advance their careers. Or you could create a group program and sell your coaching B2B where you host training classes at the employer’s office to coach employees.

Tom Heffner of TomHeffner.com is a great example of how profitable this business model can be. Tom helps people and organizations accelerate decision-making, collaboration, and innovation through training, coaching, and workshops. Simply put, Tom is a coach who hosts workshops that teach employees how to be more innovative. Tom charges $9,500 for his basic one-day package plus $6,000 for each additional day. If Tom books one workshop for two days, he’s making $15,500. If he books just seven two-day workshops in a year, he’s making over $100,000! To put this in perspective, Tom went full time on his innovation consulting practice in 2018. By the end of that year, he brought in $173,000 in revenue, almost all of which was profit. Not bad for less than 30 days’ work! Don’t get me wrong; Tom is one of the hardest-working people I know. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in creating his workshop and booking clients. He has perfected his craft and deserves every penny he is paid. But let his story sink in for a minute and think about how this could be you in just a few months. You can copy Tom’s business model; it is highly profitable.


Every entrepreneur needs a coach. I have a coach, and I pay to be part of a mastermind group. Now that I’ve started more than five online businesses, I am a coach for entrepreneurs. Choose one of the niche site ideas from this blog, build a successful business, then teach people how you did it. You can be a coach for entrepreneurs.


This topic is a little broad. There are a lot of fitness coaches, you can find a niche in fitness such as bodybuilding, burning fat, sports training, flexibility, and injury recovery. There are a lot of niche opportunities in fitness coaching.


Once again, this topic is broad. You can be a coach for a number of different aspects of dieting. You can be a coach to help people lose weight, a coach to help people eat more vegetarian food, or a coach to help people on succeeding with the Keto diet.

There are a lot of niche opportunities in the food and diet niche. Every diet you have ever followed could be your coaching niche. Kevin Davis, for example, combined his years of experience treating patients as a physician assistant and years of experience on the popular keto diet to build his business, OurKetogenicLife.com, an entire website teaching about the keto diet and how it can improve energy and weight loss. From Kevin’s experience and personal success using the Keto diet, he wrote and published the popular ketogenic lifestyle book Just Tell Me What to Do and is now a highly sought-after (and highly profitable) one-on-one keto diet coach.

Couples Coaching

Using Long Tail Pro I see that 390 people per month are searching for “couples coaching” and 720 per month are searching for “marriage coaching”. Both have relatively low competition, with a 23 and 24 Keyword Competitiveness Score respectively. That means, there are people out there looking for couples coaching, but not a lot of highly authoritative websites out there talking about couples and marriage coaching.

This is a viable coaching niche. You could be a coach for couples, teaching couples and married partners how to better communicate and improve their relationship.

No Niche

When coaching, you don’t have to look for a niche. There are countless types of life coaching niches, but truthfully, you don’t need one.

Some of the best coaches can coach anyone. I’m a coach primarily for entrepreneurs, but that won’t stop me from helping someone with a challenge at home or questions about their personal life. One of my favorite books, the Prosperous Coach, is very adamant that you should not look for a niche in your coaching. That you should be open to coaching everyone. Just remember, coaching is all about serving and helping, you don’t need a niche to help someone. Just help anyone that you can.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are stuck, have a problem, or want some help choosing one of these niche site ideas. Check out my work with me page, I’d be happy to join you on a complimentary coaching call to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey!

Coaching Niche: Conclusion

There are a lot of options in the coaching niche. There are a million different types of life coaching niches, you just need to pick the one for you. Go ahead and get started coaching, and book your first coaching client today.

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