5-weeks to launch your business and start generating revenue. 

No business ideas? Don't know where to start?  That's no problem. Build your business with me. Join me in this 5-week online course, and let's build our businesses together. Over the course of five weeks, we will get your business up and running and ready to generate revenue. 

(Seats are limited)


Don't let anything else get in the way. Enroll in the online course version of the group coaching program, over five weeks, to build your business. 



Please note: This is a pre-sale for a completely new online course program. The online course is being constructed now, each of the weekly videos is going through the editing process. The full course will be available within the next few days. The current pre-sale price is $197 (will be $750 full price after the pre-sale).


What is this?
I’m launching a new online course. This is the recordings from my build a business group coaching program (hosted using Zoom video call), bringing together a group of entrepreneurs in the early stages of building a business. I will share how I am building my business, so you can follow along and build your business with me.

If you are stuck, wanting to start a business but you don’t know what to do or where to start OR you have a business but you are struggling to get any sales,
this program is for you.

I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing to get an idea for a new business, get the business up and running, and get my first sales (so you can do the same with your business).

How does this work?
This is an online course, with five weeks of content. Each week we will cover a different topic ranging from business ideas (and choosing one business to start), revenue generating ideas, product validation, website creation, pre-selling, and how to get traffic.

The end goal is to get your business up and running, and scale it to the point where you are getting sales and generating revenue after one month of work (I’ll be doing this with you).

What is a pre-sale?
This is a pre-sale for a new online course. As part of the pre-sale team, you have the opportunity to provide feedback to ensure that this is the perfect program that meets your needs as we launch your business.

The current pre-sale price is $197 (will be $750 full price after the pre-sale).

When does it start?
The course will be completed in mid January, you will get access to each weekly topic as the videos are edited, processed, and uploaded to the online platform.

Who is this for?
This program is for anyone that wants to start and scale a business. Anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur but has no ideas for a business, anyone that has an idea for a business but doesn’t know where to start, and anyone with a business in the early stages just beginning to scale.

What topics will you cover?
This course will cover the following topics:

  • Business ideas 
  • Revenue generating ideas
  • Product validation
  • Pre-selling
  • Website development
  • Website traffic
  • Marketing
  • Getting sales

I’m inviting you to join the pre-sale team.

I emailed you and a select group of individuals on my email list that I have connected with in the past, or have shown interest in this type of content. I want you to be part of the original team, the first group that goes through this online course program, so we can build and scale your business together.

Remember, the pre-sale price is $197. This will increase to the full price of $750 after the pre-sale.