Blog Income Report – 2021 Quarter Three 

 October 11, 2021

By  Jake Lang

Blog Income Report – 2021 Quarter Three

In this blog, I am providing a breakdown of my blog income report, a breakdown of the revenue, expenses, and profit from my niche websites. This income report is for the period of quarter three 2021. For a full list of my income reports, see my blog income report archive here.

Blog Income Report – How To Read This Page

At The Entrepreneur Ride Along, I try to be as open and transparent as possible. That is why I’m sharing my revenue and expenses, the real behind the scenes numbers from my websites. These are the websites that I’ve started and scaled. I want to show you real numbers so you know what to expect (and what’s possible) when you launch your online business.

I want you to see what is possible when you start an online business, I want you to see the successes I am having (and the mistakes I am making) so that you can begin making money online. I will publish a new blog income report every quarter (after I pay my quarterly taxes) to show you my results from the previous months.

Below, and in each upcoming blog income report, I will post three tables:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Income

I will breakdown my real revenue and expenses for each one of my websites. Below these tables, I will give you some insight behind the scene into what I am doing with each blog, what happened during the last quarter, and how I plan to continue scaling.

And if this sparks some ideas for you, or encourages you to go out and start an online business for yourself, I encourage you to start today. If you just need some ideas, go ahead and download my five website ideas (the businesses I would start if I had more time).



For proof, and to show I’m not making these numbers up, I will include screenshots at the bottom of this blog from my Stripe account showing revenue generated from each business over the last quarter.





In total, this was good quarter for me. My business generated $17,518 in revenue which resulted in $10,982 in profit. This was a good bounceback quarter after a few down months in quarter two.

I will discuss the performance of each business, and the expenses I incurred this quarter, in more detail below.

Blog Income Report – Summary

In this section I am going to talk through my expenses, the performance of each of my businesses, and my plans for the next quarter.


First, let’s talk through the expenses I incurred in quarter three. Total revenue of quarter three was $17,518 minus total operating expenses of $6,563 for a profit of $10,982.

My expenses of $6,563 came from the following:

  • Hosting ($1,679) – I pay for my hosting annually. It is a one-time fee, every June, for my dedicated hosting on my own server from Prodigi Hosting and I also pay for dedicated WordPress hosting.
  • 99 Designs ($409) – in September, my book Step One was published. The cover was designed by 99 Designs, which cost me a total of $409 to run the design contest. Well worth the price for the professional design I received.
  • Editor ($1,276) – If you write a book, you need an editor! I used Scribendi. My editor was awesome. They turned around an edited draft in two weeks. For reference, the book is 60,000 words.
  • SPI Pro ($460) – I am a member of Pat Flynn’s SPI Pro community. Well worth the expense to be connected to a network of other entrepreneurs.
  • Virtual Assistants ($1,334) – I had a team of three virtual assistants working on a variety of tasks throughout quarter three. Most notably, my assistants helped scale the Pomsky Owners Association by tweaking the website and running social media campaigns.
  • Google Ads ($170) – I turned off my Google Ads campaign for a few months, but then turned it back on in August after seeing the continued struggle of AssociatePI. I need more leads, so I’m running ads to get more email leads.

In the next sections, I will provide a bit more insight into each website’s performance this quarter, and what to expect in the future.


Things didn’t get better for AssociatePI this quarter. As I mentioned in quarter two, my website AssociatePI has been struggling. This quarter AssociatePI generated $8,750. An average of only $2,916 per month. That is really low for this website. This website typically generates $5,000 per month. The downward trend continues. I have been distracted writing my book Step One, but the next quarter is going to be all about AssociatePI and growing this business.

There is one major reason that AssociatePI has been struggling. My website was broken and kept breaking, for months. For some reason, the “pages” on my WordPress backend would not connect. Website visitors would get a 404 error.  That means no one could download my lead magnet, no one was joining my email list, I was not collecting email leads. I typically average 300 new leads per month. This quarter, with my pages breaking, I averaged less than 100 new subscribers per month.

My email list is how I get all of my sales. 85% of my sales come from my email list. If I wasn’t collecting new email leads, that means I was only selling to people that were already on my list (I have a list of 6,000 email leads). That severely hurt my sales. This did not get fully fixed until October of 2021. It’s a big hit that affected me for months. It took months of working with my WebHost to fix this issue.

See below for a screenshot from Stripe, for proof of monthly revenue. Please note, this screen capture is online course sales only it does not include my affiliate revenue or sales through my partner channels.

Pomsky Owners Association

Revenue for the Pomsky Owners Association surpassed $8,000 in quarter three. That came from a combination of membership sales (see Stripe screenshots below), book sales, and affiliate sales.

Book sales continued to surpass $400 per month, audiobook sales were up around $100 per month, affiliate sales were around $400 per month.

Most notably, Pomsky Owners Association generated $4,541 in August. That is a big month for this website! This primarily came from membership sales, where I generated $3,160 in one month. That came from a few new annual membership sales, which I pushed to my email list heavily in August. Additionally, I have been working to scale paid marketing on this website. In  August, I booked four new marketing partnerships for $274. I typically charge around $75 per marketing post (blog or link insertion).

See below for a screenshot from Stripe, for proof of monthly revenue. Please note, this screen capture is membership fees only it does not include my affiliate revenue.


The Entrepreneur Ride Along

Book launch! It launched on the last week of August to my pre-sale team and email list. Step One: The Surprisingly Simple Process To Research, Validate, And Choose The Perfect Online Business is now live on Amazon as an eBook and print book (audiobook coming soon).

I sold my first copy of this book, as a pre-sale, back in March of 2021. Six months later, and the book is officially published!

The launch really took place over the course of September 2021 (quarter four). But…since I’m writing this blog in October 2021, I’ll give you a sneak peak into next quarter’s income report with an overview of the successful launch. The launch took place over the entire course of September and accomplished the following:

  • 120+ sales
  • 25 five-star reviews
  • #1 new release in the E-commerce category for September
  • #1 new release in the Home-Based Business Sales & Selling category for September
  • Reached #2 best seller in the E-commerce category

Wow! That is amazing! All of that in just a few weeks. Thank you to all of my readers and subscribers that were a part of this journey. You can check out Step One Here.

I also booked one coaching client for a one-time session of $500, including support (paid over three months).

See below for a screenshot from Stripe, for proof of monthly revenue. Please note, this screen capture is coaching fees and book pre-sales only it does not include my online course sales or affiliate revenue.


Next Quarter

Big changes coming to my portfolio of online businesses next quarter:

  • AssociatePI overhaul – I’m going to start writing new courses, creating new content, writing new blogs, tweaking my email series, and fixing my website. This website needs work. My goal is to get this website back to $5,000 per month in recurring passive income.
  • Book launch – As I mentioned, Step One is now live on Amazon. Next quarter is all about pushing sales.
  • Book marketing funnel – I need to tweak The Entrepreneur Ride Along email marketing funnel to push book sales. I will be building out an entirely new marketing sales funnel.

Need Help?

Need help starting your own online business? Want to learn about how I am generating money online, and what strategies I’m applying? Simply contact me. I love meeting new entrepreneurs and I set aside time every week to connect and help entrepreneurs. I want to help you build your business. Simply shoot me an email to start the conversation.

Jake Lang

Jake Lang is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of over seven online businesses. Jake now helps new entrepreneurs start and scale their first online business at TheEntrepreneurRideAlong.com where he shares his experiences along the entrepreneurial journey starting and growing new businesses.

It’s Jake’s mission to start a new online business every year and share everything behind the scenes on The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast and The Entrepreneur Ride Along Blog so that new entrepreneurs can learn from Jake’s mistakes, understand the struggles of starting a new business, and find the path to entrepreneurial success.

Jake Lang

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