Amazon FBA Product Ideas | Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA 

 April 24, 2022

By  Jake Lang

Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

In this blog, I am giving you five viable Amazon FBA product ideas. Just know before you begin, that Amazon FBA is a tough niche to start with. That being said, if you do it the right way, choose a few viable Amazon FBA product ideas, and learn from my mistakes, it can be a VERY lucrative business model.

That’s why, in this blog, I am sharing my research in the Amazon FBA Niche, providing what I found to be some of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Remember, this is just one of the many business ideas I recommend. Amazon FBA is one viable business stream. Consider it, but don’t think that this is the only online business opportunity available to you.

Amazon FBA Product Ideas

There are countless possibilities for Amazon FBA niche ideas. In this blog, I am just giving you a few ideas to get you started. In my opinion, these are five of the best niches for Amazon FBA.

  • Inflatables summer toys
  • Skateboard bearings
  • D&D Dice
  • Slime storage jars
  • Hanging wall file folder

Below is my research into five of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. For this analysis, I used the JungleScout web app and Chrome extension to analyze search volume, sales volume, and the competition.

Idea #1: Inflatables Summer Toys

I conducted this research over the summer. So, a lot of results came back for inflatable summer toys. The only downside to this is the sales are seasonal, but if you are selling thousands of items in the summer months then you are making enough revenue to sustain the whole year! Below is some of the research I conducted and my analysis on inflatable summer toys that could be viable Amazon FBA niche products:

Inflatable Limbo

This is a summer game. It’s an inflatable limbo set. Based on my research, there was only one seller of this product selling around 750 units per month at $22 per sale. This one seller had terrible reviews with an average rating of 2-stars with 36 reviews. There are a lot of opportunities here to create a better inflatable limbo summer toy. Read the reviews to learn what people hate about this toy, then create a better inflatable limbo set.

Amazon FBA Product Ideas - Inflatable Limbo

Inflatable lounger

This is the Amazon FBA product that I chose. I no longer sell this product, but I did sell over 500 units of inventory. I learned a lot, but I shut it down and did not reorder inventory because my margins were too thin and I was losing money. That being said, it is a viable business opportunity for someone to learn from my lessons and create a better product. I spent too much on Inventory, I was paying $18 per item. That was WAY too expensive to be profitable on Amazon. Here is why this is a viable niche Amazon product. The top sellers of inflatable loungers were generating over 3,000 sales per month with an average sale price of $33 per item. There is a niche opportunity because only 5 of the top 10 sellers had more than 20 reviews, and the average reviews were 3-star ratings. The reviews were bad, complaining about the poor-quality product. Reviews and sales lead to higher rankings, so I knew I could get more than 20 five-star reviews pretty easily. There is a good niche. The consumer wants a more comfortable more durable inflatable lounger. That’s what I created, but my manufacturing costs were too high. Someone can come in here and create a better inflatable lounger.

Amazon FBA - NE Lounge

Inflatable pool floats

I found a TON of niche inflatable pool floats that could be feasible niche products. The top four that I narrowed it down to were inflatable pineapple pool float, inflatable pizza float, inflatable flamingo float, and unicorn pool floats. Four different possible niches in the inflatable pool float niche. Each of these different floats was getting about 3,000 sales per month with a sale price of around $30 per unit. Imagine, if you sold all four floats, that would be 48,000 sales per year and $1.4 million in annual revenue. Not bad for selling pool floats! I did more research into each pool float and they all had pretty similar issues. Out of the top ten sellers, there were not many reviews (most had less than 20 reviews) and the reviews were bad. Most had 3 to 3.5 average star ratings. The bad reviews complained about the quality of the product, the floats kept breaking or leaking. There is a clear niche here to pick one of these pool floats, design a better-quality float, and get more five-star ratings to begin ranking in the top ten on Amazon.

Idea #2: Skateboard Bearings

Here’s an interesting Amazon FBA niche that I know nothing about. Skateboard bearings. I found two types that would make good niche products:

608-2RS skateboard bearing

For this type of skateboard bearing, I found the top 10 sellers were selling over 2,000 total units per month. An 8-pack of these bearings sells for $10. The top seller, the one that ranked #1, only had 40 reviews and the other top ten sellers had less than 20 reviews. Most reviews were average between 3.5 to 4 stars. But there were some top-sellers with 1.5-star ratings. With a couple of five-star ratings and a better bearing, you could easily rank for this Amazon niche product.

608zz skateboard bearing

For this type of skateboard bearing, I found the top 10 sellers were selling well over 3,000 total units per month at about $10 per pack. Out of the top ten sellers, 7 of the top 10 had less than 15 reviews most of which were an average below 4-stars. With a couple of five-star ratings and a better bearing, you could easily rank for this Amazon niche product.

One of the opportunities I noticed here is you could bundle these in packages. A lot of the competition was selling this as packs of 8 bearings. Yet, in the reviews, people were asking how they could buy in bulk. If you created a pack of 30 bearings you could sell it for about 4x the price, which gives you greater margins comparatively after deducting Amazon fees.

I haven’t touched a skateboard in the last fifteen years, so I personally was not a good fit for this niche. For someone familiar with bearings, or anyone who skates, this is a very viable Amazon FBA niche. This is one of the many niche opportunities within sports and hobbies.

Amazon FBA Product Ideas - Skateboard Bearings

Idea #3: D&D Dice (my favorite Amazon FBA product idea)

This has lately become my favorite of the Amazon FBA product ideas. Dungeons and Dragon (D&D) dice is an Amazon FBA product that one of my coaching clients was considering.

D&D and the board game niche is a huge market. I have not personally played D&D. Though a few of my friends have been on a D&D campaign for the last year, so I’m pretty familiar with the game. We did some research into Dungeons and Dragon products, in particular Dungeons and Dragon dice.

I was quite surprised by the results. There was a clear opportunity for a niche. There were a ton of different ways to differentiate in this niche. Looking into the keywords we found the following niche opportunities with Dungeons and Dragon dice:

  • D&D Dice Bulk
  • Wooden D&D Dice
  • Rainbow D&D Dice
  • Metal D&D Dice
  • Galaxy D&D Dice

All of the above keywords had good keyword search volume and limited competition.

I didn’t go too in-depth into the Amazon research for Dungeons and Dragon dice because I knew this was not a product that I could succeed with, having limited experience playing Dungeons and Dragons. That being said, someone with experience or someone invested in board games could easily take this niche idea and create a viable business with D&D Dice through Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA Product Ideas - DND DIce

Idea #4: Slime Storage Jars

Slime Storage Jars sold surprisingly well on Amazon. Some of the best sellers were selling Slime Storage Jars in bulk packs of 6 or 12. I suspect that these are being purchased for children by moms, dads, and teachers.

Diving into Jungle Scout and looking at Slime Storage Jars I found that the top ten sellers on Amazon combined were selling over 1,000 units per month. They were selling at an average price of around $17 per unit. Only one seller in the top ten had reviews. This top-seller only had 7 reviews, the other sellers in the top ten had almost no reviews. The best rating for Slime Storage Jars was 3.5 stars.

There is clearly lots of room here for improvement. This is where my research stopped but there is clearly a niche here where someone can look at the bad reviews and create a better Slime Storage Jar and easily rank in the top ten to get a couple of hundred sales per month.

Idea #5: Hanging Wall File Folder

Hanging wall file folders sell well on Amazon.  I see these hanging all over doctors’ offices, veterinarian offices, and dentist’s offices. It’s yet another day job niche idea.

Looking into this niche on JungleScout, I found that the top ten sellers of hanging wall file folders each sold around 100 to 400 units per month at an average price of $17 per unit. In total, with all top 10 sellers combined, over 3,000 hanging wall file folders were being sold each month. Of those top ten, seven of the best sellers had less than 40 reviews. Two competitors in the top ten had less than three reviews total (you can outrank these). The average rating for these top sellers was in the range of 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars.

Of all the Amazon niche site ideas listed in this blog, this one is probably the hardest to rank for. There is a good amount of competition, you could probably rank in the top ten, but it would take a while to climb into the top three spots.

More Amazon FBA Niche Product Ideas

These are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA that I have found SO FAR. I will be back to update this blog with new research soon.

I’m going to be selling another product through Amazon FBA within the next year. When I do, I’ll be sure to update this blog with more Amazon niche site ideas. I’ll also show you exactly what I’m doing to research and sell my product.

There are thousands of amazon niche opportunities out there. If you are still wondering how you can find your niche product idea, then I recommend you download my list of the top 5 niche sites that I would create today (if I had time).

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