036 – Book Marketing. The Strategies I am Implementing to Market Step One. What’s Working (and what’s not…) 

 December 20, 2021

By  Jake Lang

Book marketing is new to me. I'm learning a lot!

In today's episode, I share what's working, and what's not, when marketing my book Step One

Step One: The Surprisingly Simple Process To Research, Validate, And Choose The Perfect Online Business launched in September of 2021. The launch went great, I sold over 120 copies in the first month and hit #1 in the new release category for eCommerce.

But things have slowed down since. Sales are still coming in, but it is a lot slower without the buzz of the launch.

Today, I talk through what I am doing to keep the sales rolling in now that the launch period is over.

You can checkout Step One here: //steponebook.com/

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Jake Lang

Jake Lang is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of over seven online businesses. Jake now helps new entrepreneurs start and scale their first online business at TheEntrepreneurRideAlong.com where he shares his experiences along the entrepreneurial journey starting and growing new businesses.

It’s Jake’s mission to start a new online business every year and share everything behind the scenes on The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast and The Entrepreneur Ride Along Blog so that new entrepreneurs can learn from Jake’s mistakes, understand the struggles of starting a new business, and find the path to entrepreneurial success.

Jake Lang

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