021 – Information Technology, Citrix, and the Pillars of Online Business with DJ Eshelman 

 May 21, 2021

By  Jake Lang

Today, I am excited to interview DJ Eshelman of DJeshelman.com.

In this episode, DJ teaches us about the pillars of online business, and how he is building a business in the Information Technology industry (Citrix).

This is an excellent episode, we talk a lot about the various products, services, and revenue streams that DJ is building in the Information Technology Industry. We also discuss how DJ balances his life building an online business while working as a Citrix Consultant.

DJ Eshelman Case Study 

DJ is featured in chapter three of my business ideas book. Below is the case study from the book where DJ is featured. This comes directly from chapter three of the book:

Every career I have ever pursued I could turn into a corporate training business. I could sell workshops to corporations teaching their employees how to write effective stock reports, how to analyze a 10-K, or how to be an effective product analyst. I know there is a need for this because my employers used to pay thousands of dollars to send me to those exact same workshops.Any of my certifications, or qualifications, could be a business. I did this with the CPCU certification, I created my own study material to help people pass the difficult CPCU exams. I could do the same thing with my experience in Agile, I could create training guides, courses, or I could provide one-on-one training.Any of the programs that I have mastered, such as SQL Server or Tableau, could be a business. I could create training guides, courses, or provide corporate training. DJ Eshelman did this. DJ is a Citrix Consultant. He travels around the United States, going from business to business, training and teaching about Citrix. DJ took his knowledge and expertise about Citrix, built his own business, and became one of the go-to resources for Citrix training and coaching. He is now one of the most well respected, and sought-after, consultants and teachers in the Citrix industry. He has turned his expertise from his day job into a profitable business that has resulted in numerous paid speaking engagements, a prosperous coaching practice, paid mastermind groups, and a number of highly-regarded books on Information Technology including his book Be a Citrix Hero.

This Interview 

This interview is part of a series of case studies that I will be publishing to The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast over the coming weeks as I interview successful entrepreneurs in the online business space. These interviews and case studies will  be featured in my newest book "business ideation" (still available for pre-sale).

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