017 – I Quit My Job. Time for Full Time Entrepreneurship! (Five Lessons Learned on the Journey) 

 April 16, 2021

By  Jake Lang

This is the BIGGEST news I have ever had as an entrepreneur. Today, April 16th 2021, is my last day as a corporate employee. Today, I quit my job to pursue my entrepreneurial ventures full-time.

This episode was recorded on April 2nd, 2021 minutes after giving my two-week notice to my employer.

In today's episode, I share five lessons that I learned on the journey to full time entrepreneurship. Some of these lessons might surprise you (like don't quit your day-job yet). 

Enjoy the episode, one of my favorite that I have recorded in a long time, and don't forget to checkout the book launch at: Theentrepreneurridealong.com/book

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Jake Lang

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