015 – Start a Seven Figure Online Business. Get Bored. Start a New Business – With Ray Blakney 

 November 13, 2020

By  Jake Lang

Ray Blakney joins us in this episode of The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast to discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Including building his business Live Lingua (twice), scaling Live Lingua to a seven figure online business, transitioning from a brick-and-mortar business to online, driving traffic with SEO, his tendency to get bored and start new business (like me), and behind the scenes of his newest business Podcast Hawk.

Ray gives us a lot of great insight here behind the scenes of starting a seven-figure online business, including the expenses, revenue, and profit that go into building an online business.

Tune into this episode of The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast for some amazing insight from an experienced entrepreneur with years of experience building and scaling online businesses. We all have a lot to learn from Ray and his successful ventures.  

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