010 – Building an Online Business with Steven Foust 

 June 26, 2020

By  Jake Lang

The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast

The Entrepreneur Ride Along Podcast - 010 – Building an Online Business with Steven Foust

Today, I share a conversation with Steven Foust from Army Promotion Point. In today's conversation, Steven talks about his experience going through my 5-week Build a Business program, and his experience building online businesses from scratch. Today, we get insight into Steven's thought process, actions, and goals that go into building a business. You get to see behind the scenes of Steven's online businesses.

Since our interview, Steven has also started a new website at https://armypromotionpointscalculator.com/.


Jake Lang

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  • Hi Jake, just found your show and love everything about it! I have a podcast and also self-published a couple of ebooks on Amazon based on which I learned the following that you can advise to your coaching clients if not already regarding amazon book product SEO, promotion.

    The goal of course is to have as many 5-star ratings as possible on our books, products etc. Imagine that we have just published our first work, sent our link to our friends to buy it (you can also do a free promotion for a limited time but the price of the book itself cannot be free permanently) and a few buy and write e.g. two 5 star ratings. We’re excited that soon you’ll be picked up by Amazon’s algorithm and put it forward on the results page. And here we made the first mistake. Since we gave our direct link to our friends, we put it in our Facebook ads, etc. so if anyone clicks on it, it will jump right there. Even if you buy the book via the direct link and leave a rating, this method is good of course from an SEO point of view because it’s important for Amazon to see that they’re buying your product for what you’re putting forward, but the trick here is to tell your followers, friends, to insert one of your keywords into amazon’s search bar and scroll through the results page until they find your book and then buy and rate it.This can also be encouraged with a free add-on because basically it will be slower for the end user than the direct link.

    But it’s worth it for the following reasons. How does the Amazon itself see this? A person enters the word ‘XYZ’ into the amazon search engine, flipping e.g. 20 pages, stops at your ebook preview. They click (ebook preview gets interest), buy (so convinced by his message), and leaves a rating (feedback). This is the most valuable SEO aspect in the eyes of Amazon from what I learned.

    Hope this can be of value and looking forward to more awesome content. Keep up the great work!

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